Developing our own app for anonymous communication
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To develop an app for anonymous communication on iOS and Android. To create a brand on the basis of the idea of freedom. To stimulate generation of quality content and to retain users.


Our own development

Communicate around

Communicate with people around you. Set the right radius of the message, place it and discuss it with nearby people in the comments.

Communicate by topics

Communicate on topics you're interested in. Express your thoughts openly. The app is fully anonymous.

Communicate personally

If you found an interesting person you can get to know them better in private chat.


What database is the hardest to crack? The one that doesn't exist. We don't keep data about users. The database only keeps user id and their messages. Messages are deleted from the database 2 days after the last comment on them.


The moderation system deletes the publication if the sum of its likes and dislikes reaches -7.


In order for people to come back tp the app and spend more time in it we have designed a gamification around puppy named Chum.

Thr more likes a user gets — the higher is level of Chum.

Technical nuances

This project was implemented using Java (Android), Swift (iOS) and libraries AppCompat, CardView, RecyclerView, Retrofit 2, Realm, Parceler, Dagger 2, RxJava, RxAndroid, junit, mockito. Server is written using Python, and in DB we've used Redis.


2 month

Development time for
both platforms

5 000

Installations for the
first two days


Returned 3 weeks


Average score in both

2 month

Development time for both platforms

5 000

Installations for the first two days


Returned 3 weeks


Average score in both stores

The development of the app was stopped due to Yarovaya Law.

Reviews in App Store

4,534 rating

PollyFauna – 15 June 2016

Reminds reminiscent of "overheard" only here and publish immediately and people respond. In general, cool! For a long time I dreamed about such a chat incognito. Come to us, we are friendly :))

Stas711 – 7 June 2016

Maybe it will become a reincarnation of secret, otherwise it really does not suffice me!

Realradzatebya – 8 April 2016

Yesterday I dribbled all day, finally something worthwhile in App store.

Reviews in Google Play

4,1168 rating

ARTPODGOTOVKA – 5 November 2016

Great application Everything works like clockwork.

Александра Ваганова – 16 June 2016

Congratulations! The application is good! I put 5 stars, so that people reach for this application. Indeed, there are not enough records and communication within topics.

Valerntina92 – 20 April 2016

The application is beautiful, I hope more people will start using it. I think feedbacks get a lot, so I'll just say thank you, I'd like to develop and I'll wait for hotfixes)

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