Social network for participants of
Yunarmy movement
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The client provided design doodles and general task. We were to develop a sample version of iOS/Android app. The main goal was to engage Yunarmia participants into the inner life of the community, replace other social networks (Instagram, Vkontakte) for them.


The app was developed in the frame of cooperation with GEM creative agency — connecting link between our agency and Ministry of defense of Russia.

Communicate with
companions-in-arms with
the help of the app's chat.
Track Yunarmy events
Subscribe to events.
Track them in personal
calendar and don't be
late for the occasion.
Post photos to profile. Share
emotions in comments.
Yunarmy participants are tied to
the headquarters in their regions.
Check events and participants on the headquarters' profile headquarters screen.
Extreme conditions

The deadline was 3 weeks. Due to engaging several programmers simultaneously we managed to meet it.

During the development process the client requesed adding or changing the functionality. As a result the work scope turned out to be bigger than it was initially planned.


The client provided the app design. It was terrible and did not meet the guidelines. The difficulty was that the client liked it very much.
We found the golden mean between client's wish and good design.

Administrative dashboard

For managing the product we developed a multi-function administrative dashboard. It allowed the administrators to fill the app with content and to manage user profiles.

Technical nuances

This project was implemented using Java (Android), Swift (iOS) and libraries AppCompat, CardView, RecyclerView, Retrofit 2, Realm, Parceler, Dagger 2, RxJava, RxAndroid, junit, mockito.

Server is written using Python + Django, in DB we've used PostgreSQL.


1 month

Development time for
both platforms

8 000

Installations fo the
first two days


Returned 3 weeks


Average score in both stores

1 month

Development time for both platforms

8 000

Installations fo the first two days


Returned 3 weeks


Average score in both stores

By 25th of March we prepared the app to be presented to Shoygu
(the minister of defence) in its first version. It is a long-lasting project
and it will be upgraded constantly.
Due to the high quality of the work, the client also gave us the order for the development of Yunarmia website.

Reviews in App Store

3,9107 ratings

Рихард Шишов - 28 May 2017

An excellent application for the men of the army, allowing you to stay always in touch and be aware of all the near and current events

Глеб Шленгер – 12 May 2017

Everything cool. Powerhouse power!!!!!

Людмила Скворцова - 1 June 2017

Excellent program!

Reviews in Google Play

4,319 ratings

Игорь Голованов – 18 May 2017

Beautiful and comfortable pages in the application

KiraNaitly – 22 May 2016

Very convenient and interesting application, I recommend to install!

k/o/a – 22 May 2017

Interesting app! You can communicate with your counselors

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